What Makes Dock & Bay

Our Vision

To inspire and empower others to step out of the norm and do something different, meet people new and come together through shared experiences that you’ll never forget

Fin in the Sun at Narabeen Beach Australia | Dock & Bay

About Us

At the heart of Dock & Bay lives a feeling of restlessness – A desire to explore, to discover, to travel, to grow, to live, to seek ever-lasting freedom and what denes us are not the things that hold us back, but the experiences that set us free. Were all dierent but we all hunger for the same thing.

Founded in 2015, a brand created by 2 intrepid travellers (an Ozzie and a Brit) addicted to seeing the world, taking chances, seizing moments and never looking back. With an everlasting thirst for all things new, all things different, making memories that will last a lifetime with people that you may meet only once.

These experiences motivated us to do something different, to step outside of the status quo and create products people can be proud of, wherever they are. Roam Free.

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Behind the Brand

Andy & Benno, a Brit & Ozzie, started Dock & Bay by pulling a red curtain off the wall and sticking pieces of white paper to it to design their first towel. The beginning of a journey that led them to create high end, timelessly designed, quick drying towels - the first of their kind. As best mates, it doesn't feel like a job but a lifestyle. 

Andy and Benno, founders Dock and Bay


 Benno (left) & Andy (right)

Andy Jefferies - Founder

"From banking to beach towels, what a crazy journey it’s been. I’ve never been one to sit still or feel content with the norm and Dock & Bay was the biggest leap yet. I’ve always believed that life is more fun when you take risks. There is nothing more exhilarating than putting it all on the line for something you truly believe in.

Whilst friends were buying houses, I've always been buying the next hostel room, exploring everything that the world has to offer. With a strong belief that new experiences are much more rewarding than any item. Travel has always been at the heart of everything I do and has inspired Dock & Bay throughout. It’s what got us here today.

I’m excited to build a brand that people recognise worldwide and help others along my journey. Check out my personal blog to hear more about how it all began.”


Ben Muller - Founder

"I love a bit of adventure, have a small appetite for risk, and the capacity to make a rash decision - or two. Starting Dock & Bay with Andy was all of these things. We decided to go for it.

The last 10 years I've lived the travellers life, with a healthy portion of corporate life mixed in.  Travelling to so many corners of the world always reminds me of how lucky I've been, and how much I've never seen.  But I've hiked up Machu Piccu, cycled Alp d'Huez and eaten steak in Argentina, so know I've lived a lucky life.  An awesome 5 years living in London was amazing, but I'm back in Sydney to continue the journey.

One year on and it still gets me excited to see travellers with our towels in a hostel, or a family at the beach. Thanks for joining us - keep smiling"


Check out Andy & Benno's travel adventures on their blog