Frequently Asked Questions



What are the benefits of a microfibre towel? 

The benefits are numerous, that's why us travellers love them. They are lightweight & absorbent, yet dry extra quick. They will take up minimal space in any bag and won't hold those bad smells like a cotton towel. On top of that, our towels and pouches look great wherever you take them!

How come my towel feels different to what I expected?  

We like to be open and honest about all our products and we know that if you’re used to cotton towels, this will feel like a change when drying. We personally think change is refreshing and we’re sure you will quickly get used to the feel and countless benefits of a microfibre towel. If you’re still not sure, get in touch, we’ll be glad to talk more about it!

How should I wash my towel? 

We recommend washing your towel at maximum 30-40°C. But remember...don't use fabric softener when washing, as it can destroy the effectiveness and durability of the fibres. Microfibre prefers not to be tumble dried, it's too hot in there! If absolutely necessary to tumble dry, we recommend a low heat and to use infrequently.  

Do you facilitate large orders & wholesale? 

Of course we can, we take every step to be able to provide our products to our wide customer range. Please get in touch to discuss further.

And how about customisation of your towels, can you do this? 

Yes, we can! It just depends on the size of the order and the lead times required. If you get in contact with us, we would be happy to help and see what we can do.