The Inspiration Behind our Cabana Towel – Be the First

Our Cabana Towel, is the epitome of Dock & Bay, our signature product - the one where it all began. It’s simplistic yet stylish nature and timeless design is what we believe makes it great. And as we all know - you never forget your first.

Our original prototype was born when we pulled down a huge red curtain and stuck white paper to it to work out the perfect number of stripes. We take towels very seriously here at Dock & Bay.

The inspiration? The classical deck chairs famously found on Brighton’s pebble beach in England. With Dock & Bay born by a Brit and an Ozzie, both living in London at the time – Brighton had always been the perfect weekend getaway to escape the hustle and bustle of the big smoke and experience a truly traditional seaside setting.

Pair this design with 6 vibrant colours to brighten up any beach and there you have it – THE CABANA. Dock & Bay are the first in the world to take quick drying microfibre material and put stunning designs on top of it. Simple yet effective, allowing us to create high end & convenient products. Every single towel comes in a little carry bag for all your beach goodies - the perfect seaside companion. Check them out  here.

Brighton Beach photo credit: oliviafoley (Instagram)