Our Warranty Promise

We at Dock & Bay hold our products to the highest quality standards, and we know you will too.  As daily users of our own products, we know what a dud looks like. We continuously test, sample and examine our production line to make sure our towels can handle real-world rough & tumble - and they do. Our return rate is less than 1%

Replacement Warranty

Our replacement warranty covers repair or replacement due to product failure during the first 12 months of your products life, regardless of the cause. During this period, we will repair or replace it at our discretion.  What's covered?  Rips, tears, discoloration, runs, or anything you feel is a failure of our product during it's lifetime.  Your responsibility will only be for postage to/from our facility (we'll even provide you with an easy to use mailing label.)

To initiate a warranty claim, simply click the "contact us" link above and send us an email.

For your product to be covered under our warranty you must be registered.  To register your product for our 12 month warranty, please complete the following form:


Warranty Registration

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